AGUA (Arte Kynzha) by Eleonora Lyall

Description Stain glass window.
Materials: glass and lead.
Dimensions: 27cm wide, 82cm long
Concept: All pieces are one of a kind never repeated, they are representations of dreams. Capturing the essence of water in glass.

Sales information
Not for sale. However other of my pieces are for sale in the shop in which it will displayed (Friday Hut Road-blue sail arcade).
Phone 0402 219 157

Brief artist bio
I grew up in Colombia, with my Father who was a stain glass artist. I always practiced art and at the age of 40 I used it to heal myself of various illnesses. From then i decided to share my art with others. I travelled back to Colombia and spent time with the indigenous people of my country. They hold water as a sacred spirit, which reminded me of my fathers glass. I believe that when i work with glass i’m channelling the essence of Colombia.