Ficifolia vs Climate Change by Geoff Searl


Eucalyptus ficifolia occurs naturally only in the far south-west of Western Australia near Walpole. When grafted onto a local species such as Eucalyptus botryoides, this stunning ‘red flowering gum’ will tolerate the very different soils of the east coast.
I have used the spent fruit/pods from my own garden to create this piece.
My endeavour is to illustrate that as the ozone layer thins out we could eventually lose even this magnificent eucalypt.

Sales information
Price on this piece is $430. Please call Geoff Searl 0439.292.566 to arrange for pickup or delivery.

Brief artist bio
I studied General Design and then Industrial Design at the National Art School in the late 1960s. After a short spell as toy designer at Cyclops I worked as an architectural model-maker for some years. In 1975 I submitted an entry in the Archibald prize.
With my wife Collette we ran Searls Health Foods for 35 years. After selling the business in 2006 we retired and since then the creative side of life has re-surfaced.