I Need Somebody..? by Graeme Gould

Dimensions: 19.5 x 11.5 x 18h cm
Found objects, swizzle stick, marble, cupboard handle, part of a drum stick, timber sphere, toy arm.
The arm of an articulated toy is the connection between man and man-made. Reaching out for possible help juxtaposed with static and clinical objects out of their element. It is used to identify man’s need for an answer. Who do we turn to, to solve a problem? Ourselves.

Sales information
Contact: Graeme Gould, 0414 880 043

Brief artist bio
Graduate of the National Art School with a Diploma in Design and Craft.
Employment: Interior store designer for Grace Bros, Coats Patons (UK) and Dula (UK)
Set designer for BBC TV and ABC TV.
Graphic designer of business cards, greeting cards and logos.
Prizes & Awards for Works on Paper and Found Object Sculptures