Tree of Life by Nina Burridge

Materials: Cicada wings and Cicada shells, copper wire, wood and glass coat
This sculpture depicts the cycle of life – birth, death and regeneration at a time when our global ecosystems are under challenge. It utilises the abandoned exoskeleton (shell) of emerging adult cicadas just after they tunnel through the earth to end their long hibernation period (some as long as 17 years) to complete their life cycle. This final part of their cycle is a short (but noisy) sojourn of only a few weeks in the heat of the Australian summer.
These cicada wings and cicada shells were collected from the sands of Manly beach at the height of last summer. In this sculpture, as the cicadas fall to the earth and decompose, they nurture the soil and their wings re-emerge as a glistening, vibrant leaves and branches of the Tree of Life. Their metamorphosis as a rainforest tree is meant to symbolise the resilience of the cycle of life against the environmental impacts of climate change.

Sales information
$750 call Nina 0421 334 353

Brief artist bio
Nina is an academic by profession and a student of sculpture by desire. Her interest in sculpture emerged from a wish to engage in creative activities beyond writing academic papers! She sees herself as an emerging sculptor with much to learn about the conceptual processes and methods of the sculptor.
She has exhibited her work in various local exhibitions including yearly exhibitions at the Shed; Pittwater Community Arts Exhibitions, the Manly Art Gallery and at the annual Sculptors Society Exhibitions at Darling Harbour.

In August 2010 she won the Sculptors Society figurative sculpture award for her work ‘Contemplation’ at the Darling Harbour Exhibition.