Village Love by Suzi Poland

Village Love is a collection of five sagger fired ceramic houses. Grouped in various arrangements depending on location, mood and desire, they reflect the best of street life and village living. Each house is hand built and carved in clay, with a front door and a heart window to show how much love can be found inside. Polished, then fired in a sagger filled with sawdust, symbolically burning any woes away, each one is unique and brings love to those who need it.

Sales information
The houses can be purchased individually $45 each or as a set of five $220.
Additional houses are available and commissions are welcome. For enquiries and sales, please contact the artist:
Suzi Poland 0414 339 721
email –
website/blog –
instagram – @suzipoland
facebook – @studiosuzi

Brief artist bio
Originally a landscape architect, in recent years, I have followed my hearts desire to make art that brings joy and happiness. Currently working in a variety of mediums, in mid 2015 I started my journey into ceramics and in 2016 I commenced the Diploma of Ceramics at Brookvale TAFE. Having learnt the craft of hand building and sagger firing, I am interested in pursuing this technique into ceramic illustration as a way to tell sweet and amusing stories.