Vox Populi by Madison Papageorge

Description of work
My sculpture is a generational study on the human condition of my peers. The inundation of ideas of technological advancements, economic recession, expectations… has stripped us bare, with many formulating a worldview established in cynicism, realism, and anxiety. During this state of transition and growth, community and communication has become integral for our own navigation and survival, and with the support of others may we be able to truly embrace our own vulnerabilities to be able to grow as an individual.
The life-sized casts are a microcosmic representation of my generation. All in different stages of transition and growth (age range 11-20), they come together to form a collective unit in a figurative landscape. The vessels made from plaster cloth and liquid plaster are left dented, open, fragile, however protected in their vulnerabilities through their unification.

Sales information
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Artist bio
My name is Madison Papageorge and I am an aspiring artist who has just completed my HSC Year 12 Body of Work. The creation of Vox Populi was my first serious attempt at creating a sculptural piece and I thoroughly enjoyed the creation experience.